Brian P. Callanan

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". - Teddy Roosevelt

"I'm the guy that cares!" - Me.

Brian P. Callanan, AAMS® , AIF® ,CBC® , CEPA® ,  CLTC® , RICP®

  • Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS®)
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)
  • Cash Balance Plan Consultant (CBC®)
  • Certfified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®)
  • Cerified Long Term Care (CLTC®)
  • Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®)

As a transplant from Boston in 1995, I held executive roles on various Boards of Directors with the Internet Coast – CIO Council, South Florida Telecom Forum and the South Florida Technology Alliance, Mental Wellness Network Alliance, & Fire Wall. 

My career began with me advising business owners as to their telecommunications infrastructure.  I worked with Verizon Business managing National & Global account teams in the Fortune 1000 space.  I saw the dot-com bubble first hand.  In 2000, I went into real estate working with consumers and business owners as to their property and mortgages. I worked with Coldwell Banker for 7 years until the credit collapse.

I started my finance career working with a boutique investment bank.  Shortly thereafter, I was recruited by UBS Private Wealth Management.  More specifically, Florida’s #1 Financial Advisor, a Barron’s Top Advisor with over $1B AUM.  I wrote and executed the team’s Marketing Plan and Budget.  My training also includes experience with Met Life and Raymond James.

This opportunity availed me of some of the most sophisticated strategies in banking and wealth management.  The families we worked with had various projects with very different goals; probably much like yourself.  I learned how to breakdown these disparate needs into projects and build the appropriate teams of expertise to accomplish the goal.

Much of my volunteer time has been invested in the Boy Scouts of America. We do a tremendous amount of work on projects supporting many other charitable organizations in the community. Otherwise, I’m a single Dad raising my son - who has earned the rank of Eagle Scout and is a Presidential Service Award Recipient.  

I would be very interested to see how my broad background can be used to your advantage while leveraging the exceptional talent I have befriended along the way to serve you, your family and your business.

Let’s sit down and get to know one another and see what is possible collaborating our respective resources.  Exit Planning, Asset Preservation, Retirement Income, Asset Growth, M&A, Wealth Transfer or Philanthropy…you choose.